Carminati Consulting provides unique solutions to software application development, website design, data analytics and project management. Currently, developers at Carminati are working on a software solution called Immuware, which Director of Software Development Michael Brower said is his most rewarding project yet.

What role does a full-stack developer typically play at your company? 

Full-stack developers truly get to work across the stack at Carminati. From interfacing with the database through Entity Framework to implementing the business logic and massaging the data through .Net, and displaying and interacting with the data on the front end through Bootstrap and jQuery, there are opportunities to work on it all.

You don’t have to look any further than Immuware and the integration module (mentioned below). Our developers had to write the queries to read and write the external data to the Immuware database. They had to write the code to handle the logic of translating the mapping data, building a payload file and establishing the transmission frequency. Finally, they had to implement the front end in a way that was intuitive to our business analysts so that they can easily map the data.

“Our integrations module has put us in a good place to meet the timeline challenge and provide excellent service to our clients.”

What’s an interesting project you’re currently working on? 

We are currently working on a project to integrate our SaaS solution, Immuware, with a third-party company that will report vaccination information, including the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine, to state registries. This integration project has many technical components that are the culmination of months of development to build a custom “integration module,” as we’ve dubbed it. Our custom integration module lays out the framework for querying or writing the data, translating the data, building or reading a payload file containing the data, transmitting the data file and setting the frequency in which to transmit the data. One of the biggest challenges when integrating data is understanding the data itself, including the formats and how they are similar or different between both systems.

The state registry integration project in particular has been challenging primarily because of the aggressive deadline to have everything in place in preparation for the release of the first emergency use COVID-19 vaccines. Our integrations module has put us in a good place to meet the timeline challenge and provide excellent service to our clients. Beyond that, this project is rewarding in a way that I’ve never felt before. Not only does it feel like we are on the cutting edge of providing critical data to state registries in order to assist with the ongoing development of a vaccine, but we have set ourselves up to meet this challenge head-on with the extraordinary work our development team has done and continues to do.

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