Carminati Consulting is an IT consulting firm and software company dedicated to helping its clients more effectively serve their clientele through web software application development, website design, data analytics, project management and more. Sales and Marketing Manager Erica Gonzalez Gheesling plays an integral role in driving the company’s mission to make its communities better and stronger.

How do you translate your company mission into specific actions or goals for both the company and individual teams?

Our mission statement is, “It is our privilege to design and deliver technology solutions and services that enable our clients to more effectively serve their communities.” Core values that have been established from the onset, which explain and support our mission, are shared with each new employee during the onboarding process and are highlighted on a monthly basis during our internal team meetings. During our monthly team meetings, we also highlight specific client engagements and discuss what these organizations mean to their communities. It allows us as a team to reflect on why we do what we do and emphasize the impact our work has on the success of the local health and government organizations we work with. As we continue to grow outside of the Chicagoland area, we are able to impact more communities with our work, which makes our mission statement that much more meaningful.

What aspect of your company culture or values most reflects your company mission?

Our dedication to innovation and client service most reflects our mission. As our clients’ needs evolve and grow, we try to always be one step ahead and anticipate solutions and enhancements that will accommodate their future needs. COVID-19 has brought to light our eagerness, expertise and flexibility to evolve right along with the needs of our clients.

What role do your team members play in building, strengthening or celebrating your company mission? 

Members of our leadership team serve as captains to various internal committees we’ve created to address a variety of values we try to expand upon, whether it be company culture, process improvement, professional development or community service. These groups meet, then present their ideas and solutions to the rest of the company regularly.