How a CMS Solution is Positively Impacting the Criminal Justice Landscape



A civilian office that provides oversight to one of the largest criminal justice organizations in the world tasked Carminati to implement a more effective solution to manage their investigative case workload. The organization’s mission includes identifying patterns of police misconduct and making policy recommendations to improve policing operations.

Previously, the civilian oversight office and the police department relied on executing SQL queries and Excel spreadsheets to gather and analyze case data and generate government-mandated regulatory reports. This manual approach was highly inefficient and made it impossible to have real-time and shareable metrics, which often resulted in inaccuracies, organizational bottlenecks and CJIS compliance risks.


Collaboration & Strategizing an Efficient Solution

First, Carminati collaborated with both entities to thoroughly understand their challenges, resources and holistic goals. Then, Carminati developed the strategy for an efficient solution that would provide a holistic view of their case data and identify the key trends that could have a large-scale impact on their mission.

Extracting Data from Two Source Systems

Carminati implemented an ETL process to extract data from two systems including a legacy case management system (“CMS”) and a new CMS. The data was extracted using Microsoft Azure DB sync process to maintain the highest level of security and ensure CJIS compliance.

Creating a Centralized Data Warehouse 

The extracted data needed to be integrated within a highly secure, cloud-based centralized data warehouse. The ETL process was implemented using Microsoft Azure Data Factory to map data from the sources into the destination database – Microsoft SQL Server hosted within Microsoft Azure.

Customized & Automated Dashboards and Reports

Carminati then analyzed the data into actionable insights with customized Tableau dashboards and reports. Specific dashboards are automatically sent weekly, reporting on holistic conduct trends, mandated regulatory data and operational efficiency of the case management process.

Training Internal Staff to Manage Day-To-Day 

With the infrastructure in place for both organizations to achieve their data collection, analysis and reporting goals, Carminati trained their internal staff to optimally use the system on a day-to-day basis and continue generating reports.


Tools, Features & Reports 

Data Analytics 

  • Tableau

Data Distribution

  • Emails Reporting interface
  • The civilian office’s website
  • The police departments portal


  • Operation Reports
    • Case Tracking
    • Caseload Report
    • Regulatory Reports
    • FOIA Requests
    • Special Requests
    • Heat Maps
    • Aging Summary
  • Trend Utilization
    • Quarterly Report to the Public
    • Monthly Report to Leadership Report
    • Biweekly Report of Key metrics for the Mayor


Both entities now have a new case management system with aggregated data that’s cloud-based, highly secure and automatically generating accurate and actionable reports.

The civilian office and the Police Department are now able to:

  • Efficiently meet mandatory regulatory requirements by eliminating manual data collection and establishing automated reporting
  • Maximize staff resources with a simplified workflow and streamlined communication as a result of real-time, cloud-based and accurate data
  • Quickly identify operational bottlenecks within the case management process by tracking organizational data and utilization load of case owners
  • Holistically view and analyze case data to identify police conduct trends and ultimately positively impact the criminal justice landscape

Achieving Your Goals Starts with the Right Technology Partner 

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Keaton Pellino

May 5, 2019